Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer were banned from speaking in Britain for security reasons. Now it turns out that the reasoning turned on their pro-Israel statements.

“I will bless them that bless you and curse them that curse you.” Britain is one of those back and forth nations in their relationships with the Jews. The Balfour Declaration gave Jews access to live in Palestine. Yet, just prior to WWII the British government was blocking Jewish immigrants fleeing Jewish persecution in Europe, sending some back to future deaths, and putting others in concentration camps. Churchill, a friend of the Jews, might have facilitated the creating of a Jewish nation, but he was defeated just after the war ended in a surprise victory for the socialist Attlee. Attlee would be no friend to the Jews and his government would actively oppose the establishing of the Jewish nation.

So the question of blessing or cursing begs an answer for Great Britain following WWII. The answer is cursing. Cursing in the form of Attlee’s cradle to grave welfare state that sucked the creative and spiritual juice out of the British people.

This is the future of a cursed America under the leadership of President Obama who has shown himself to be a friend of the Muslim world and an enemy to Israel.


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  1. Before and during World War II, no one was willing to accept Jewish refugees. If they had, the death toll from the Holocaust would have been lower.

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