Why do I appose Obamacare? Because history shows that everywhere socialism advances, it advances at the expense of Christianity. Stronger socialism always equals weaker Christian dynamics in society. Michael Totten’s essay on Havana gives us this:

He told me about what happened at his sister’s elementary school a few years after Castro took over.

“Do you want ice cream and dulces (sweets),” his sister’s teacher, a staunch Fidelista, asked the class.

“Yes!” the kids said.

“Okay, then,” she said. “Put your hands together, bow your heads, and pray to God that he brings you ice cream and dulces.”

Nothing happened, of course. God did not did not provide the children with ice cream or dulces.

“Now,” the teacher said. “Put your hands together and pray to Fidel that the Revolution gives you ice cream and sweets.”

The kids closed their eyes and bowed their heads. They prayed to Fidel Castro. And when the kids raised their heads and opened their eyes, ice cream and dulces had miraculously appeared on the teacher’s desk.

Yes, Obamacare is about something more important than medical insurance, it is a part of the bigger struggle for souls.


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4 Responses to Why?

  1. I really don’t see how an anecdote about indoctrination techniques used on kids after a Communist revolution relates in any way to government-regulated brokering toward private health care insurance. That’s what “Obamacare” is. It’s an attempt to increase access to insurance with regular for-profit companies, for those who don’t have any.

    Socialism would be a single-payer system for providing health care insurance. Medicare is a socialist system.

    • hansston says:

      It really is just a reflection of my fears concerning a more intruding or beneficent government. In Christianize these are small steps to a day in the future when the Anti-Christ is able to control all personal commerce by making people take a mark upon their hand or forehead (easier for scanning). At the same time I am sure President Obama and many people in government like him do see this present Affordable Care Act as nothing but a step towards single payer, which as you realize is a much more socialist solution to the problems of health care.

      I combine those internal concerns with a look at history and see that all nations that have embraced socialism (democratic socialism, fascism or communism) equally take a disdainful look at Christianity. Is that good or bad? Depends upon what you believe.

      • Thank you for the clarification. In my experience, some countries with socialist health care systems (or other governmental aspects) disdain Christianity and others don’t. Having traveled there I certainly wouldn’t call the UK or Canada disdainful, though there may be a lessening of the numbers of regular churchgoers. Do the Scandinavian countries, Iceland and the Netherlands disdain Christianity? I haven’t been to them.

        I would expect that repressive dictatorships would resist freedom of religion, so that would include Cuba, China, North Korea and others like that.

  2. hansston says:

    Your insight is correct. Disdain might not be the right word, but it is the right word for what I see happening in the mainstream press in America. What you have seen in the UK is a nation that has almost completely abandoned Christianity, with the exception of its African immigrants, Canada has also seen a tremendous drop in its outward counting of churchgoers. The real issue is what happens on the inside. You can take Old Testament scriptures that talk of “men becoming like women and losing their will to fight” and apply it to today. In socialist leaning countries there seems to be a death wish to destroy biblical manliness. The greatest parallel was watching the Algerian immigrant march into a Montreal college and order all the men out and then murder his ex-girlfriend and the other girls in the classroom. He then calmly walked out the hallway between the men he had ordered to leave the room. Then you have the Jewish holocaust survivor of the West Virginia shooting who lays down his life for his students while they escape through the window. Without a doubt our medical system needs some help, but at the cost of the inner strength of a people, I would say I want both, and that solution will not be a “government will take care of it” solution. Looked at your posts, you are active, good for you. And yes, I have some medical stories that can be placed right next to your medical strips posts. Thanks!

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