New Disciplines

Had 3 weeks of preaching in Zambia (2) and Madagascar (preached 23 times). Came home with a little itch in my eye that was to become a viral infection that would effect both eyes. So it has been almost 3 weeks with no reading and no computer (too bright). One of the thoughts I had as I whiled away the time was to discipline myself to more frequent blogging. I just started reading again two days ago and did sermons for today on my computer so as I was waiting to go back to church this evening I came across this from Claremont Reviews.

It was the background of Balfour of the “Balfour Declaration” giving Jews access to Palestine that caught my attention. So here it is:

 In the decades that followed, many echoed Darwin’s question, but it may have been Sir Arthur Balfour who first helped formulate it into a coherent argument in The Foundations of Belief (1895) and Theism and Humanism (1915). Best known as the British prime minister who issued the Balfour Declaration supporting the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine, Balfour in Theism and Humanism wanted to show, post-Darwin,

that if we would maintain the value of our highest beliefs and emotions, we must find for them a congruous origin. Beauty must be more than accident. The source of morality must be moral. The source of knowledge must be rational.


With regard to the human mind, Balfour argued that efforts like Darwinism to explain mind in terms of blind material causes was self-refuting: “all creeds which refuse to see an intelligent purpose behind the unthinking powers of material nature are intrinsically incoherent. In the order of causation they base reason upon unreason. In the order of logic they involve conclusions which discredit their own premises.”


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