International Goodwill Mission

Joan and I are getting ready to make a return trip to Zambia. The last time we went we were able to travel with our 3 daughters at missionary rates giving us 15 pieces of luggage. We equipped the Mazabuka church on that trip. This time we will have just one bag each and a hundred dollars for an extra one, so we will be traveling light. We will be preaching at Mazabuka’s Harvester, where the churches and pastors they have out from Mazabuka will gather at Mazabuka for 4 days starting Oct. 24. My main gift will be Atomic Fire Balls for anybody who is daring. This is something I have done in the past on a return to Zambia from a visit to the US.

International Goodwill Mission is the title of this post. Let me explain. One of my last projects in Zambia was the making of “James Tembo, Detective”. The previous post is a short biography of the main actors. On a local level as well as an internet level I am asking people to view the film, read the biographies and make a comment about the film on Godtube. The idea being that I want to generate some goodwill towards those young people involved in giving them a third party “well done” from the Us to Zambia. It will be an international goodwill gesture that I am sure they will appreciate.

So please watch the film and leave a comment.





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