Same ol’ Same ol’

I cam across this article by Peter Suderman. His premise is that there is a reason why all Hollywood movies seem the same these days. Here is a quote:

If you’ve gone to the movies recently, you may have felt a strangely familiar feeling: You’ve seen this movie before. Not this exact movie, but some of these exact story beats: the hero dressed down by his mentor in the first 15 minutes (Star Trek Into Darkness, Battleship); the villain who gets caught on purpose (The Dark Knight, The Avengers, Skyfall, Star Trek Into Darkness); the moment of hopelessness and disarray a half-hour before the movie ends (Olympus Has Fallen, Oblivion, 21 Jump Street, Fast & Furious 6).

The formula didn’t come from a mad scientist. Instead it came from a screenplay guidebook, Save the Cat! The Last Book on Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need. In the book, author Blake Snyder, a successful spec screenwriter who became an influential screenplay guru, preaches a variant on the basic three-act structure that has dominated blockbuster filmmaking since the late 1970s.

Here is the breakdown: Opening image, theme stated, set up, catalyst, debate, break into Act 2, B story, fun and games, midpoint, bad guys close in, all is lost, dark night of the soul, break into act 3, finale, final image.

I am pretty sure that our James Tembo, Detective follows something along these lines. Without trying I think the gospels give us a picture of Jesus following this flow. For now I will leave it as something I am just thinking about. What I want to use is “dark night of the soul” in my sermon tonight.

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