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Church Sunday

The church was blessed Sunday night with two testimonies. Reiko testified about her experiences when we did one minute bible studies with about 20 people the night before. Maida then asked if she could testify. She acknowledged that some of … Continue reading

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Democratic Women

Watching the democratic party protect their desire to do as they will with their female loyalists has brought about a couple of different articles. I found Klavan’s “The Sad Fate of Democratic Women” interesting. Here is a quote: So in other … Continue reading

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What a Proposal!

I am concerned that my future son-in-law is ruining life for many men wanting to propose to the women of their dreams. I am trying to compare his proposal to Laura Michelle to my quick question directed to Joan after … Continue reading

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Same ol’ Same ol’

I cam across this article by Peter Suderman. His premise is that there is a reason why all Hollywood movies seem the same these days. Here is a quote: If you’ve gone to the movies recently, you may have felt … Continue reading

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Zombie Sermon

Zombie An article by Rosenburg pointed out that this is the year that the word “zombie” was used more often in the description of all films, past and present, than the word “cowboy”. Cowboy used to be a description that … Continue reading

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Church Road Trip

Our group of 10 left for our Summer Bible Conference in Prescott AZ at 3:30 in the morning on July 4th. This was something I had been planning for a couple of years, even though the couples I originally planned … Continue reading

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