What has possessed Lois Lerner?

I discovered the writings of Mark Steyn via the British publication: “The Spectator” while in Zambia in 1999. He was a swashbuckling, pro-American writer daring to go where no writer had gone before. His worst predictions, written about so well in the past, are becoming hauntingly real today. He doesn’t write with that unbridled joy now, he writes with a “what’s the use” byline that depresses me even as I write this.

His latest piece, “The All Seeing State” makes some great points, but I look forward to the day the “missing puzzle piece” (that’s code for Jesus) can be included in the diagnosis of what is going wrong in our country. One diagnosis concerning the IRS in the article was this:

It took Congressman Trey Gowdy of South Carolina to get to the heart of the matter: “With all due respect, this is not a training issue,” he said. “This cannot be solved with another webinar. . . . We can adopt all the recommendations you can possibly conceive of. I just say it strikes me — and maybe it’s just me — but it strikes me as a cultural, systemic, character, moral issue.”

Great point, and what is the foundation of the “cultural, systemic, character, moral issue? Tell me what is different, what is lacking in the fiber of the country today, that used to be there in the past?

I don’t know much about Johnnie Mac Walters. I want to bet that he is a good ole Baptist boy from South Carolina who happened to be head of the IRS when he was given Nixon’s enemies’ list by John Dean. He did what any God-fearing Baptist boy would do, he locked it away, consulted with his boss, Treasury Secretary Schultz and refused to do use the IRS to target Nixon’s enemies’ list.

That was 1972, now fast forward to Lois Lerner. At her most zealest she prosecuted the Christian Coalition as the enforcer for the FEC. She lost and I will assume there were a lot of personal defeats during that time for her. She proved where she stood and was promoted as the new enforcer for IRS non profits. When she received her enemies’ list from whoever the new John Dean is she had no scruples about springing into action.

I dare say we are not dealing with a good ole Baptist girl here.

Steyn finishes the article with this foreboding thought:

When the state has the power to know everything about everyone, the integrity of the civil service is the only bulwark against men like Holder. Instead, the ruling party and the non-partisan bureaucracy seem to be converging. In August 2010, President Obama began railing publicly against “groups with harmless-sounding names like Americans for Prosperity” (August 9th, a speech in Texas) and “shadowy groups with harmless-sounding names” (August 21st, radio address). And whaddayaknow, that self-same month the IRS obligingly issued its first BOLO (Be On the Look-Out) for groups with harmless-sounding names, like “tea party,” “patriot,” and “constitution.”

It may be that the strange synchronicity between the president and the permanent bureaucracy is mere happenstance and not, as it might sound to the casual ear, the sinister merging of party and state. Either way, they need to be pried apart. When the state has the capability to know everything except the difference between right and wrong, it won’t end well.

What made America work back then and has helped it along ever since is that many Americans have had that Jonathon Edwards inspired moment of falling into the “hands of an angry God”. That very private moment makes you think twice about that second group of the ten commandments. After contemplating taking my murder, lying, stealing, adultery and covetousness to that meeting with God, I decide better not to strap the baggage of sin on my back. That is the only thing that can make things work in a free society. You remove that and all you are left with is enforcers and they really don’t know the difference between right and wrong.




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