Benghazi: The Spiritual Stakes

I was in a classroom before the triple advent of reality became known to the greater public. I speak of Benghazi, the IRS and the tapping of news reporters phones. The class was an integrated class with an equal number of black students and white students with an Hispanic thrown in just to make things interesting. My job was to have the students pick from a bowl of topics and then give a one minute impromptu speech about the topic they picked. We were having a good time with plenty of ribbing going on. Two white kids took shots at President Obama during their speeches. Six months ago Obama was still king in these same classrooms. With all of the give and take that was going on with the speeches there was not a single student who offered any kind of defence or put down in reaction to the critical words spoken about President Obama. I offer this to point out an underlying acknowledgement that what Obama wants to give us is just not worth fighting for. Socialism rots the soul, trading spiritual energy for complacent taking of what you can get. Everywhere socialism succeeds in any of its forms (democratic socialism, fascist socialism, or communism) there seems to be a direct correlation with the weakening of the church and a loss of spiritual hunger in the population. I will leave it to better minds than myself to try to explain why; but that is what is happening in America. President Obama, in successfully advancing his agenda, is playing the cards being dealt from a spiritual power that is greater than his. The ultimate aim of this spiritual power is “the hunting of souls”.

We try to separate the spiritual warfare of two competing camps from everyday politics; but that seems to be the place where the battle is being fought. It was in Africa where I found myself having to gently explain why I voted Republican to the white Christians who abhorred President Bush. The spiritual issues of abortion, homosexuality and personal freedom gave me no choice but to vote Republican. So here I sit typing away while an abortionist is convicted of murder over the space of inches. A couple of inches one way and its a legal abortion. A couple of inches the other way and its murder. Just like we paid a blood price for our sin of racial slavery as Lincoln so ably described; we will pay a blood price for our 50 million legal murders.

So in a make-believe world they are going to pass a law that insures that all of our government employees are going to be equally divided between Republicans, Democrats and Independents because we all now know that it is impossible for these government workers to separate their work from their political affiliation and act like true public servants. I don’t fault them. The Democrats and the spiritual forces motivating them call for more and more government control and supervision so if you are in government you are for the party that wants to increase your pay and budget. We know where this all is leading to: “can’t buy or sell unless you have a government issued mark of some kind”.

In the world we live in the IRS cannot shake free from its political belief system to fairly undertake its duties. You can say the same thing for every government regulator out there. The IRS employees were only doing what their President, their Democratic Senators and their local Democratic machine expected of them. They were effective in shutting down local movements for the sake of retaining Democratic control of the highest offices in the government. So now that the actions have come to light let the lying begin.

We have been reduced to a Third World style of economics. Nothing is fair, who gets what and what contract goes to who is all dependent upon which side of the political divide you come from. I didn’t say that right, it’s not the political divide it is a spiritual divide, yes one of light and one of darkness. A wasted billion dollar stimulus should be evidence enough for anyone willing to look. This brings us to the next leg of Obama’s scandals. “Willing to look” should be the description of our press corps here in America; instead it is “willing not to look”. They find out that the government has illegally tapped their phones and we get to watch their phony outrage for as long as it takes. Obama ate the dog as a kid and as President he kicks the dog, our brave press corps. A howl, maybe, but just watch them come crawling back for any morsel they can lick from the President’s hand.

As the tragedy of Benghazi unfolded I assumed this would be the end of President Obama’s second term hopes. I was wrong. As has been described as the old Clinton strategy, “deny, deny and then it was so long ago” seemed like it would work. I do not believe I have learned anything new since the release of documents and the coming forth of the men involved in Benghazi. What has changed is now we have some documented facts to work with that makes liars out of the White House and the State Department. “Be sure your sin will find you out” should cause some sober contemplation from President Obama and Hillary Clinton, but I doubt if it will. The strategy hasn’t changed.

While reporters talk about the changing and editing of the talking points one man still sits in prison, a political prisoner if there ever has been one right here in the USA. So we are going to find out they lied. How Hillary Clinton could ever show her face in public after running with the lie about the film maker all the way to the funerals of the fallen men amazes me? Lying to the face of the relatives of these men, more than I can imagine. Yet, they seemed to be just minor bumps in the road as she prepares to run for president in 2016. The voting dynamics probably won’t change for most people because of these scandals so she probably figures she has a great chance to be the one.

I hope the emails keep coming. I hope the survivors of Benghazi who have not been allowed to meet with the public come forward. All of that is a drip, drip, drip game that lawyers and political strategists play. This is what it is all about. Whose fault is it and woulda coulda. On Sept. 11, 2012 there was an organized attack against our diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya. At 5:00 that evening, one hour after the beginning of the attack, the President was informed. And…and…and…

Nothing! He did nothing to try to save the men and women he is sworn to protect. In woulda coulda fashion they might say that there wasn’t enough time to help. At 5:00 that evening no one knew how long the attack would go on. He did nothing. He was the only man in the world who could have given the orders for action to be taken that could have saved lives, but he did nothing.

Character is what you do and that is the character of Barack Obama, our president. That is the character of the people who voted for him, not once, but twice. The soul has been shrunk, the spirit has dissipated and all that is left is a shell of a body seeking to fulfill its own aspirations, the perfect vehicle for spiritual destruction. What is the future of a soulless nation led my a soulless man? The answer is spiritual destruction and the “spiritual hosts of wickedness” are smiling in delight.

I am sure there is going to be some pushback. I am sure there will be a class action suit to collect damages for what the IRS did. In “Pigford” style I along with millions of others will have to be a part of the class action suit, because even though I never was a farmer, I might have been a farmer, I mean tea-party organizer. Just more gnawing on a rotting carcass.

I have two hopes: one spiritual and one political. I hope that every time Hillary or Barack show their faces in public they are greeted by people shaming them for doing nothing while brave men fought and died. Politically, that would have the most impact on the psyche that makes up American politics. The other is the prayer that every Christian offers up to God, a hope and a prayer, that God will move across the nation. That “born again” experience is the only thing that can change the direction of the country we live in.

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2 Responses to Benghazi: The Spiritual Stakes

  1. Undenyably intense. This posting raises, challenges and details all the right questions as we battle for the soul of our nation. Much more than political scandals at work here, although the author might need to be concerned about his taxes after this article. Well said.

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