Tebow Blackball?

This was news to me. Here is a great article about it.

One quote: The truth is that it is the best part of Tim Tebow that they can’t accept – his character. They hide behind the release and the mechanics, so they don’t appear small and pitiful. But why won’t anyone take a chance on him? Is it merely a question of skill or are certain members of the chattering class uncomfortable that he’s a virgin and a devout, unapologetic Christian? A backup who is more famous and more liked than they were, even as starters in the league?

I believe the best place for Tebow would be as a backup in Seattle, San Francisco or Washington. He’d be familiar with the scheme and those teams currently have traditional backup quarterbacks who may be on their way out. There would be no controversy in any of those cities because the starters there are solid and the coaches there have brass. Tebow would bring leadership and encouragement to the locker room and still be able to contribute.

Whether he remains in the NFL or ultimately chooses another career, Tim Tebow will not change. He will succeed in whatever endeavor he pursues, for he has already carved out the right priorities: God first, others second, self last. But I hate to see the lycans in the media get away with another drive by crucifixion


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