My Man Skylar

Every once in a while life gives you little pictures that are worth their weight in gold. Joan and I have become acquainted with a young man named Skylar through our substitute teaching. He is a special ed student, who has a great heart, but the realities of the cruelties of life and school are rough on him. Glenda had a conversation with his mother that led to Skylar coming to church a few times. The most recent visit had me asking him to not hold his dinosaur over his head while I preached. (He has special permission to play with his dinosaurs in home room, as long as he doesn’t make much noise). Seeing him occasionally at church and occasionally at school has been good for all of us. He has gone from hating school to “maybe it’s not so bad”. We will take the progress. Seeing me at the school after a period of not seeing him at church he came up to me and needed to know: “Are you the pastor?” I am and I enjoy watching him navigate his way through the traps of life. The police chief was doing DARE with the kids and Skylar was so anxious to give his wrong answers that he would consistently forget to raise his hand. The chief had enough, and tried to get Skylar to see this, Skylar didn’t know how to respond in the silence of the moment; I had to tell him “Just say you’re sorry” which he did and life went on.

I am at the bank making a drive through deposit when a van pulls up to the entry way with Skylar in the passenger seat. He gets out, walks around the van an opens the sliding door and helps and old man with a walker out of the van. The make their way to the door that Skylar opens for him as he approaches. At that moment a woman is exiting the bank. She recognizes Skylar and starts a conversation with him. There are smiles everywhere and this is more than a simple greeting. She moves on with a friendly touch on Skylar’s shoulder as Skylar keeps the door open for the old man on the walker as they enter the bank together.

You can’t keep a good man down. Irrepressible is the word to describe a good heart.


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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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