The Artful Dodger

Martin Lake did some online marketing of his writing and happened upon my blog. I am a sucker for anyone who shows initiative and appreciated his zeal and zest for what he was undertaking. I look forward to the day I can follow his footsteps in self-publishing. I bought his Kindle edition of “Artful”.

It was an enjoyable read following the “Artful Dodger” being paraded as a convict to the ship waiting to take him to Australia. We get a picture of his future right there when the “good” girl watches the parade. The adventures start and never stop and against all odds he overcomes again and again. If you like heroes who get beaten down, you won’t like this book. In the end he returns to his pick pocket ways, but only after we get a sweet picture of his heart as he stays with the Christian family and chooses to not steal from the servant ladies who have been so nice to him.

The adventure goes on with people willing to go to bat for him and eventually the adventure returns to England where evil will get its just reward with the help of the “Artful Dodger” and his accomplices. Yes, it looks like he will get the girl, too. It is feel good reading with some good insight on human nature to boot.

That brings me to the reason I have wanted to write this review for over a year now. Say what you will, et least today is the day. I have a young man whom church has brought into my orbit. He had dropped out of high school and we could go on with descriptions, but let’s just say he didn’t have a bone in his body that would be willing to pick up a book. Yet, that is what I tried to do in various ways. I am not sure if it was the medium of the Kindle or the story alone, but once he latched on to “Artful” he couldn’t stop. I talked with him about why he enjoyed it so much, and really it is the story of the underdog overcoming, plus he was cool in so many ways.

We were making a trip to DC with this young man and some other young people from the Midwest. I had downloaded Martin’s book about the Lost King onto the Kindle and he was reading that now. On the return trip I noticed another young man, with very similar circumstances reading the book, and once again locked into it. Watching two non-readers getting into reading a book is something of a miracle. So here is hoping that Martin’s books can find their way into the hands of young men kindling in them a desire to read with all of the attending benefits.


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One Response to The Artful Dodger

  1. Martin Lake says:

    I really appreciate your comments. I’m glad that the young men enjoyed my books.

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