The Unspoken Word (Muslim)

I am in a 6th grade classroom today where they watch channel 1, something that happens in classrooms all over America every day. They had a 5 minute piece on the bombers of Boston. I kept waiting to hear the one word that would be connected to the motivation of the killings, (Muslim) but never heard it. I quizzed the kids about motivation and after many “crazies” one young person connected it to 9/11. That led to what motivated the 9/11 killers. Finally, one student said the word (Muslim). Then they entered into a free for all discussion about the awards that the killers would recieve in heaven. They all knew about the rewards.

I then took them down to the libray where I picked up the local daily that had a major article from AP on the bombers. Once again, the word (Muslim) or (Islam) was not to be found in the entire article. American propaganda is different from others in the past, but its brainwashing ability is just as capable.

Finally there was this great article going into depth on what I already saw by Mr. Rubin.


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