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The Unspoken Word (Muslim)

I am in a 6th grade classroom today where they watch channel 1, something that happens in classrooms all over America every day. They had a 5 minute piece on the bombers of Boston. I kept waiting to hear the … Continue reading

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Happy Israel

Audra just alerted me to this article this morning by Caroline Glick. It started with this: Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu made a guest appearance on Channel 2’s left-wing satire show Eretz Nehederet. One of the final questions that the show’s … Continue reading

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Blood/Salt Covenant

Each year at Easter I try to read two books. One is Rosen’s “Christ in the Passover” and the other is “The Blood Covenant” by Trumbull. Once again I added a new wrinkle to our Easter Love Feast. By reading … Continue reading

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Searching for Sugarman

I am preaching a Tom Payne sermon tonight from our January conference. The sermon is about the admonition to the Philadelphia church to not lose their crown. The illustration he used to set up the homecoming we have prepared for … Continue reading

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Michener’s “Caravan”

It was a pleasure to use Michener’s “Caravan” as my illustration last night in my sermon. I have been lightening up my reading a bit. I have always enjoyed the Michener books I have read: Covenant, Drifters, Hawaii and now … Continue reading

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