One Minute Bible Study Update

We are slowing down for the winter now. An unusually warm winter allowed us to continue doing our drive by outreach throughout November. We made a special trip up to Chicago where Pastor Pablo Catala allowed us to incorporate our one minute bible studies with his church outreach. He took us to a nook in Northeast Chicago called “The Jungle”. We were having a great time when word was given to the pastor that things were heating up, so we had to move on. He took our entire team a restaurant that specialized in sandwiches using plantains instead of bread. It was a Cuban delicacy. We also were able to have an outreach with Ryan and Mike doing music from Indianapolis. We did our drive by outreach, but we added a free ticket for a burger and coke at the concert. We did over 55 and had plenty of people coming into the concert with their tickets, it was a great day. It was just this week that I got a text from Reiko who was able to do “The Enjoyed Marriage” with one of her friends during a lull in her High School Spanish class. Looking forward to seeing what God will do with the seed planted. Our total is 776.

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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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