I went into the presidential election with mixed feelings. As a nation we can see the repercussions of curses that God links with immorality. Balaam’s advice to Balak in the Book of Numbers was working in America: a special land blessed by God (just look around). You cannot curse what God has blessed, said Balaam, but you could get God’s people to curse themselves through sexual immorality. This cursing working with the fact that God has special protection for Israel and God’s people, Jew and Christian, as described with the words “I will bless them that bless you and curse them that curse you”; bringing more of a curse upon ourselves because of our actions towards Israel made me very apprehensive over the election.

Would President Obama’s re-election be a continuation of this cursed direction? Could Mitt Romney, a Mormon, lead the nation in such a way as to break the power of these curses? Can political action break a curse? Does any of this matter? Well we now know that it will be Barak Obama who will be leading the nation over the next four years (unless Bengazi trips him up).  So where are we as a country and where are we heading?

This is what I associate with a curse: poverty, sickness, unhappiness, worry and fear, broken relationships, selfishness (no largeness of heart), and most detrimental to the person, a hardening of the heart towards the gospel. It is crucial to understand this last point. The curse of a life through immorality, idolatry, murder (abortion) and witchcraft can only be broken through the blood of Jesus. The curse hardens the heart towards the only solution for their healing. So the future includes a larger and larger proportion of our population that is living under a curse and hardening towards and even hating the one and only solution to their pain, the preaching of the gospel.

Therefore, since the healing is rejected we can expect the manifestations of the curse to increase as society justifies and pursues the activities that lead to the cursing of the individuals that make up society. There numbers increase and their very actions of justifying their sin insure that the curse will be passed on to those who follow after them. In a political sense we can see which party attracts those people living under the power of a curse. Abortion has more and more people concluding that it is wrong. Yet, the Democratic Party was able to use it as a wedge issue in garnering the female vote. We have had 50 million abortions since Roe verses Wade. Realizing their could be some women who have had multiple abortions we can still see that close to 50 million women are living under that curse. They have made one choice since the day of their abortion. They have chosen to repent and believe God to forgive them and heal their broken souls or they have justified their selfish choice to take the baby’s life and have hardened their heart towards the gospel. Their vote is determined by that choice. Making abortion legal and available insures the cursing in women’s lives and insures, unless the gospel can break through, their voting to continue this pattern of cursing in our nation.

Where is the love in a cursed society? Love as a sacrificial choice has been rejected and replaced by a mercenary pursuit of whatever immediately gratifies our sexual desires. Two statistics that confirm our national pursuit of a curse through fornication and adultery are our 50% divorce rate and our 40% rate of illegitimate births (births without a father being married to the mother). These sins and their corresponding curse destroy relationships in the family. So we have no father figure for 40% of the children born and of the other 60%; 30% or half of marriages ending in divorce will have a diminished role for the father to play leaving us with 30% of our children with an in tact mother and father at home and 70% with an absentee father or visiting father at best. The curse of fornication and adultery destroying the relationships of children with their fathers leads to rejection, bitterness and hatred being passed onto the children. Now these children are sent off to school where the educational divide of two parent verses one parent homes proves itself and yet no one can speak the obvious truth as we see our level of educated youths fall down further and further. When the man has abandoned his responsibility to love his children or been maneuvered out of the picture by a woman establishing her dominion it is the children who will be negatively impacted. The girls will be looking for love and the boys will never learn self discipline. All of this is understood as just the natural course of life as Hollywood applauds their choices with shows confirming approval. The resulting mixture of young people insures that the curse will live on into the next generation with all of its attending grief. The party that wants the government to take the responsibility given up by the father while dispensing free birth control will get their vote. A lecture about morals and responsibility will be laughed at by John Stewart and all of the cursed people watching him.

What is the financial future of a cursed society? No worries, Big Gov has it all under control. The new normal for young people will be 20 to 30 hours of work with two or three hundred of food stamps to help them make ends meet. They grew up in poverty and in their minds they are making it now. They will have enough to eat with enough cash to purchase the electronics that plug them into the new circuses of our modern bread and circuses. They will mock those that try to leave this socialized nest, yet they will be filled with envy and hatred, the bible calls it covetousness, towards those who have not been reduced to the common level of poverty. You can beat the system by getting the union job in the private sector. They tend to be reserved for those with family connections to the union. The main ticket out will be the unionized government job, especially those tied to government health control. They should make just enough to pay their crippling college debt. What a deal, we put you in debt chasing a job that doesn’t exist, and now we get you out of the mess you are in by giving you a government job and automatically deducting your student loans. They will thank and vote for the party that helps them, or gives them the sense that they will help them in their time of need. A lecture about diligence and thriftiness will be laughed at by John Stewart and all of the cursed people watching him.

“The joy of the Lord is our strength”. If joy is strength then we are the weakest of people. “Mother’s little helper” has become everybody’s drug of choice. Prescription drugs are needed because people are unhappy. They are surrounded with broken relationships, the future looks bleak and the dreary sameness of government hand outs brings no joy. Any attempt to bring a bright outlook of the present curse that our sexual revolution has created is muted with the knowledge that we live to consume drugs to mask our pain. The only benefit of the drug abuse is that we can et least pretend we are happy in a world divorced from reality. Let’s vote for the party that allows us to visit the marijuana store, surely that will solve our problems.

So the question I hear among us Christian types is: Are we cursed? I think the answer is yes. Yet, those in Christ can maintain a sense of joy and purpose in the midst of a society that is cursed. We are called to be that light for the world, just like the land of America was originally hoped to be that city on a hill attracting those desiring freedom to come to this land. America, from the government’s point of view, has chosen not to be that city on the hill. The church, the light of the world, is called not to take over the government but to be the alternative to the false hope promised by the world.

Socialism/Communism deadens the reception of man’s soul and spirit to the things of God. America is slowly being desensitized to the moving of God’s Spirit. Cursed and deadened meets alive, blessed and filled with the Spirit working the same job with the same economic future. It is up to the church to have these meetings. That is what living the Christian life is all about.

It can all turn around tomorrow. We are sitting on an energy boom. The future of manufacturing can return to small entrepreneurs taking advantage of cheaper energy, new technology and robots. The prosperity that should accompany our energy boom would be wasted upon a nation of cursed people. Without the breaking of the curse it will all be for naught. The blood of Jesus breaks the curse. 

Revival in this country will be accompanied by a prophecy from Malachi:   

Mal 4:5-6

5 Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet

Before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.

6 And he will turn The hearts of the fathers to the children,

And the hearts of the children to their fathers,

Lest I come and strike the earth with a curse.”

It gives us a clue to the breaking of the curse, fathers. Open up your heart to God and let the healing of the land begin.

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