Ohh, Africa

I picked up Pastor Campo to preach for us tonight. We were talking about our third world experiences in Africa. I had commented that a time oriented Westerner who got upset about wasted time would go insane in Africa. I was always prepared for lines, waiting and the conversations these times provided for me in terms of being a missionary in Africa.

So I get home and am reading this article about the digital age when I come upon this quote:

“by far the most useful lesson that life has taught me, and one that I almost always heed, is never to go anywhere without a book. (In Africa, I have found that reading a book is an excellent way of overcoming officials’ obstructionism. They obstruct in order to extract a bribe to remove the obstruction; but once they see you settled down for the long term, as it were, with a fat book, Moby-Dick, say, they eventually recognize defeat. Indeed, I owe it to African officialdom that I have read Moby-Dick; I might otherwise never have got through it.)”

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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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