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A Real Music Video

This is my idea of what a real music video can do. What are the possibilities?

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Ken Burns and the Mother of all Human Truths

Ken Burns, the highly respected documentary filmmaker, came out with an editorial endorsement of President Obama in a New Hampshire newspaper. You have to read the comments to get the best picture of what he said, but here is a … Continue reading

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Christopher Columbus

The native of Genoa was always regarded as a man of intelligence and character. A mapmaker seaman who was able to find grace in the eyes of his employers as his handling of his duties and their money brought advancement … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong?

The best post-debate insight I found so far was given to us by Roger Simon in an article entitled: The Real Debate: The Good Father Verses the Abandoned Son.┬áHere is one quote: What we have before us in these debates … Continue reading

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