One Minute Bible Study News

It has a great summer for our “One Minute Bible Studies”. Our running total is 560 after one full year. My first attempts to lead the way doing these “studies” found me struggling to just do one. That was a year ago and it seems that we have established a level of dominion to carry on this work it Sparta.

Here were three highlights: we took two cars down to Carbondale for a music scene at 7:00. We left at 4 and wandered around the small towns in between Sparta and Carbondale and ended up doing 25 between the two groups. It is a picture of a future trip across America, we will wait to see what doors God will open. The second highlight was special for Joan and I. We experienced it twice, both times life put us on the road driving back to Sparta, while folks from church started the outreach to do the “One Minute Bible Studies”. When we do one with someone we do a mass text to everyone in church. So as we are driving along the texts start coming and we hear about what bible studies each person did with another person. It is one of those pastoral feelings. Finally, this last Saturday brought 13 of us out for our “drive by” outreach at 4:00. We usually have one or two cars, but this Saturday we had 4 cars and we did a total of 51. Feeling victory!

We have been doing Wed. service as time to study the verses that are in the twenty different studies that people choose to do. It has been good for us, good for Sparta and great for the souls of everyone.

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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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