The Harbinger Influence

“Under the influence of a book” a phrase I heard as a pastor explained a sermon he had preached to me is a phrase I have used many times myself since that time. After reading Jonathan Cahn’s book entitled “The Harbinger” I asked two men from the church to talk with the city about having a memorial service on Tuesday 9/11. J.P. and Kenneth spent a couple of hours talking with the mayor of Sparta, who not only gave us permission, but asked if we needed chairs or a PA. The park is a small space at the 4 corner stop sign in the middle of town. We are going to be subdued, no PA, folding chairs will be set up and a small 6″ platform. We will have some 9/11 testimonies, sing some songs together, I will preach a bit and then we will have an altar call and a time of prayer. For Sparta readers come on out this Tuesday at 6:00 PM. “Under the influence of a book” means the book works to move a person closer to God and more importantly doing God’s will. What is the will of God? “Not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance” is one answer, and it is an answer found in 2 Peter in the context of Jesus returning as a thief in the night. How appropriate.

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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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  1. onesurvivor says:

    I hope you have a fruitful time.

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