Abortion, More than Politics

Congressmen Aken just couldn’t bring himself to say what he believes and this is the problem with politics in this nation. Congressmen Aken believes that abortion is murder, to try and find abortion not murder because of rape or incest doesn’t make it less murder. Say what you believe and people will have more respect for you when they realize you stand for something. A Republican establishment that reads the polls and sees that most Americans oppose abortion except in the case of rape or incest is a Republican establishment that just wants power without having to stand for what is right.

Most women who have had abortions would not wish it upon any young woman. There are the radical feminists who see abortion as the entryway into their select group of anti-christ ambassadors. They have hardened their hearts to the trauma, guilt and confusion that went with their decision to have an abortion. Some will bury it in their psyches, others will turn to therapy and some fortunates will find true forgiveness and cleansing through the love of God in Christ.

A child is a child in the womb as well outside the womb as far as the bible is concerned. This is why any Christian with biblical understanding could never vote democratic (pro abortion with no limitations) and is stuck with the Republicans (anti-abortion with no exceptions). I use the word stuck because a Christian with biblical understanding realizes that there is a curse upon our nation because of the 60,000,000 murders committed in the name of women’s rights. It is a right to be cursed, and only the blood of Christ can break the curse. The deepest manifestation of that curse is a hardening of the heart towards the gospel.

The Republican party needs to own the right stand on abortion. If they believe abortion is murder then it is still murder despite a pregnancy caused by rape or incest.

When I have talked to people over the years about abortion, I am asked to give my opinion about abortion and rape. They always expect me to hem and haw and have a moment of doubt. But how could murdering a baby help a woman who has been raped or abused? My answer has been that sacrificial love is always better than selfish love. A woman will grow and enlarge her soul by sacrificial love of the unwanted child. A woman will darken her soul and whither her heart by choosing selfish love and murdering the unwanted child.

We are sitting on a bright future, yet a people cursed by God will not be able to take advantage of that bright future. Politics is about elections, breaking the curse on our nation is about the preaching of the gospel.


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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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