Chick-Fil-A and a Memory

We enjoyed our Chick-Fil-A lunch. Tevin said the spicy chicken was the best. Joan and I were both surprised to be eating a broiled piece of chicken with lettuce and tomato on a wheat bun. Healthy fast food, who would have guessed. Using my Nokia 900, (yes I bought it comparing Bill Gates’ work in Africa to Apple and Google politics) I read the current news reporting on the Appreciation Day. My favorite line was from ABC news: “there were no signs of violence”. You just have to laugh.

The problems this country faces, like every other country, are spiritual. You will never hear it explained that way or see it written that way, even in conservative blogs. Take our national education failure. Every participant in the schools knows what the problem is: No fathers and destroyed family structure. Why are there no fathers and destroyed family structure? The answer is spiritual even though it can never be discussed in spiritual language. A nation founded to be “A light on a Hill” has lost its way, that is why most people supported the Chick-Fil-A day. Yes, there was an issue of first ammendment rights, and yes some are opposed to same sex marriage, but most of those who went out recognized a moment to be that “light on a hill” and took it. It cannot be reported that way but it was a statement being made that our problems as a nation are spiritual.

So what is going on? DaTech guy wrote a great piece justifying the need to give no ground on guns using the history of the gay rights movement victory in now making anyone who opposes same sex marriage the bad guy. Here is a piece of my history in watching this unfold from Seattle in 1993:

I was asked to be a parent representative for the public primary school my eldest daughter attended. I enjoyed the experience. I was chosen because my wife and I had already exhibited a healthy level of involvement. The problem came when somebody sent a letter to the principals of the schools denouncing homosexuality. This created a counter punch from one of the principals in creating a statement concerning homosexuality that he was encouraging all schools to get behind.

The statement was a little bit more than just respect for homosexuals. It was a statement of affirming the homosexual lifestyle as loving and natural…..The kicker was a built in rule of not allowing people on campus who disagreed with the statement. Another parent who was the community representative had a problem with the statement because he was in charge of the local Boy Scout troop and they were meeting in the very school. He was assured that no action would be taken against them. I also let them know that I could be asked to leave the school grounds based upon my disagreement with the statement. A vote was scheduled.

The vote was taken and to my surprise it did not pass. Immediately one of those guilty of not following the party line apologized for not voting properly and the principal asked for a revote so as to pass it this time. I objected and the issue went into committee as I tried to water it down as much as I could. It was explained to me in no uncertain terms that this was the future and although many there were not specifically in agreement with the statement they were being willingly pulled down this road.

The chain of events that followed the second vote will probably never be forgotten by those of us involved. The vote was taken, administration won. The next meeting had the principal moving to kick out the Boy Scouts. Such bad taste was voted down defiantly, but all realized that it was only a matter of time now that the rule was on the books. Before the next meeting took place, there was a sensational murder in Seattle. A young man stationed himself outside of a middle school and shot a teacher as the teacher went to school. It turned out he had been molested by the teacher when he was a student at the school.

This would be my last meeting with the group. The level of discomfort was palatable yet no one spoke. The principal conducted business as usual choosing not to deal with the issues of the heart that surrounded her decision making process.


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