The Indianapolis Trip

I thought I would phone post my way through the trip, but driving and blogging is not the best of mixes and it was an action packed two days. We retrieved Tevin at 12 noon when he got off of work. He cleaned up and off we went. Our first important stop was the town of Sesser where we had some

world-famous ice cream. We didn’t take any of the interstates, keeping to the back roads. We would do 3 of Joan’s Geocaches along the way. It was a hot day and we were planning on the best pizza in Indianapolis that night so we just viewed the small towns and the country side. The most prosperous looking town had oil fields around it and the one thing every town had in common was that there were no people out and about.

We made our way to the church on the other side of the tracks and checked to see if we could camp out there if worse came to worse. I had found a campsite about 20 miles south of the city but then realized there was a huge Fort Franklin state park close to the church. I went online and saw that they had primitive camping for 7 bucks so we headed there getting there about 8:20 after circling the park looking for the entrance. It turned out to be a daylight park. The web site was for all state parks and was giving the prices for all activities and so we headed for a pizza joint that had best pizza ratings in the 1990’s. I called the pastor, Pete Wakefield, and he met us at the church after pizza and we camped out in the church.

We were up at 5:30 and off to Starbucks for coffee at 6:00 with everything packed up. We sat outside at a table enjoying our coffee and some bread that Leslie had bought for us from a German bakery in Clarksville. The clouds were swirling overhead and the oppressive heat that seems to have lasted forever had lifted. We went back to the church, Tevin and I stayed for prayer and the girls went to the Pastor’s house with his wife, Sandy, insisting that they come over and shower.

The outreach started at 12 so at 10 we headed for the circle that defines Indianapolis downtown. After parking we were surrounded by multi-colored runners finishing the color race in Indianapolis. It looks fun but the hidden agenda, if there is one, takes the fun away, if there is one and they weren’t flocking to Chick fillet. We continued through a downtown mall to the circular war memorial. We took the 333 steps to the top and spent some time taking in the scenes and then made our way down and before you know it we were on our way back to the church.

We had a great outreach. The folks from Carbondale and Chicago joined us. We were inviting people out to rap concert in the park with free food. I did one minute bible studies with 12 people (7 at once) and Joan did them with 4 and Reiko did two with her last one being a special God ordained meeting with a woman who was going through rough times and needed and encouraging word from God that Reiko and Priscilla would give her. Tevin would see a gang of guys he spoke with show up to the concert. We all had an especially good outreach. We quit at 3 and the concert started at 5 so we asked about cheap, authentic Mexican food. We found Mexican food heaven. It had to be good it was packed with working men eating and drinking beers out of 32 ounce bottles. We ate and bought some Mexican candy and went to the park.

The time at the park was able to achieve something a pastor friend from my Seattle days described to me one day. He was helping us outreach and he visited where the bands were playing downtown Ballard. He came back wishing that somehow we could create an atmosphere with Christian music that invited people to come and enjoy the music and the atmosphere created by the music. We had it once when Pastor Kevin Olsen and his family played for us in our back yard. We were leaving for Zambia had invited all of the neighbors and people along the block over for a barbecue and music and everyone came and stayed the whole evening. Well this went that way. People were attracted by the rappers, Josh and Eric, but there was a peaceful feel in the air and it felt good. Tevin would give a heart-felt testimony. It was Pastor Wakefield that prayed with him over a year ago in Sparta so he was very glad to have not missed the trip. Reiko gave a testimony and Priscilla didn’t but felt like God wanted her to. She would give an emotional testimony in our church the next Sunday night. The rappers gave time for acoustic guitar with Ryan from the Indianapolis church. There is always the surprise of watching someone and then see them perform and they are transformed from mild-mannered Clark Kent to a superman full of passion. That’s what Ryan had for us. It was a fabulous time, people got saved (some would even make it to church) they served over 200 hot dogs, but really it was just a great feeling of unity in Christ (really can’t find the words). It just felt plain good.

We had a series of long good byes, hit the road (interstates only) and 4 hours later we were home, tired and happy.


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