Guilt, An Unmodern Concept

Just listened to a radio commercial while exercising. It was a public service (paid for by the government) announcement about the importance of keeping a budget. The admonition of the spot was to remember to include the “guilty” pleasures of life in your budget. The idea being that we tend to not acknowledge these “guilty” pleasures when we do our budgets and thus at a loss as to why we have no money at the end of each month. She then listed the guilty pleasures, some not so bad, shopping, eating out; but then there were these: cigarettes, alcohol and gambling. She ended the piece with a piece of advise to the listener to not let old fashion notions of right and wrong make you feel guilty about including these items in your budget. The message is that keeping a good budget outweighs any sense of guilt over the money you waste with guilty pleasures.

What a picture of America. Got God, America wipes their mouth and says “yeah”.

Prov 30:20 This is the way of an adulterous woman: She eats and wipes her mouth, And says, “I have done no wickedness.”


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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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