Good Gardening Year

I had one of those great gardens this year. I had in order of harvest: lettuce, radish, beets, squash, cucumbers, peas, beans, peppers,cabbage, onions, tomatoes, corn and still to come melons and butternut squash. We have been eating great salads, adding pickled ginger, giving them some added zest. There is just something about eating a meal from the garden that goes beyond the taste. I pickled beets this year.

It was a good-looking garden. One Sunday afternoon there was a knock on the door. It was a woman who had worked at the high school. She let me know that she had seen the garden when she went to a yard sale at my neighbor’s one weekend when Joan and I were out-of-town. Did I have a secret? Not really, just a good year. I deep water once a week after it gets settled, but really it was just a good year. She asked me to help her next year, I gave her some onions, beets and squash and we chatted a bit. She asked me if I was a pastor. I was pleased with her discernment asking her how she could tell. She said she could just tell. Nice to tie a good garden with my calling. I should point out that my first garden as a young convert to Christianity in Wickenburg was an illustrative statement about what God was doing in my life. Jim Kudkowski, the man who prayed with me, would bring his father in law over to the garden to show what God had done in my life. (He didn’t give me much of a chance when he first met me, the Dad that is) The best part of that first garden was it helped me win Joan over to me so that I could eventually marry her.

After this meeting I went to town hall to pay my water bill. This is a very cut and dry transaction, but this day the clerk let me know that she was going to be a busy body after seeing my bill. She asked if I lived in such and such a house, in which I said yes, and she explained that her sister and her had just had a garage sale across the street from my house and everyone who came by wanted to talk about the lush garden across the street. Secret? Just a good year.

Seasons of planting and harvesting is something God has guaranteed for us with a covenant sealed with a rainbow. Lets enjoy them.


About hansston

Pastor a church in Sparta.
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