Pathos and the King

We made time to go down to Memphis with Phillip and Terry. They are both huge fans of Elvis Presley. (they took their honeymoon here in Memphis). We started the day traveling Beale Street with a Starbucks coffee. Interesting seeing the Jewish immigration that landed in Memphis. We did the medium priced tour. You can move at your own speed with your wireless headphones to hear the commentary throughout the house. After the tour we made our way to a ribs hole-in-the-wall called: Cozy Corner, delicious end to our day in Memphis. Easy drive to and from listening to the King and Michael Jackson.

I have used and have read other people using the word “pathos” to describe the human condition and our ability to feel what others are feeling. You get that when you tour Elvis’ mansion. I was never a fan but I felt like I touched his quest for meaning that he seemingly never found. I say that because the last segment of the tour that we took ended by comparing two photographs: one from his early bus ride to stardom and another in a limousine ending his last tour (this would be months before his death). Both photos identify a man lost in his thoughts and once again the human pathos of his reality touches you as the film guides you to conclude that he was still looking for that something that he had always been looking for but hadn’t found it.


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