Pastor Bob Overson Revival

We just finished our revival with Pastor Bob Overson. Pastor Overson was my pastor for two years in the early days of my Christian walk. He performed the marriage ceremony for Joan and I in January of 1984. He is an evangelist’ evangelist. The meetings were exciting and upbeat with lots of room for God to minister to us individually through Pastor Overson’s ministry. I remember as a young man getting one of the guys I worked with at Squash Blossom in Wickenburg to come out to a regular service with Pastor Overson preaching. Although he was ministering as our pastor the atmosphere still contained that excitement of a revival service. My workmate described the experience to an all ears group of guys the next day and I topped it off with a comment about how that is how church is meant to be. Actually, to be fair, Pastor Overson has a unique gifting.

His wife Connie had talked to a couple vacationing in Sparta (going on hikes at a nature preserve). They came to church and afterwards David, the husband, asked me if I believe in miracles. He then proceeded to tell me a great testimony of a head on collision that left him with a 95% chance of dying and a 100% chance of never walking again. Yet, here they were with us, praising God, alive and vacationing to hike together.

Pastor Overson had preached a six-week revival here in Sparta 27 years ago. He seldom preaches outside of his church in Anchorage these days; but it was great to have him come for us, helping all of us, and bringing that special refreshing that an evangelist brings into my life and the life of our church. Many thanks and blessings are for him and his family from all of us.


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