Ben Carson: Dissident

Ben Carson is one of the heroes of our times. His personal biography is portrayed in a book called “Think Big”. I was given a small poster with the words “Think Big” at a low point in my life by my friend Warren Bailey. I immediately associated it with Ben Carson’s story of overcoming and excelling. “Think Big” was a favorite read for my young people in Zambia. He should be celebrated as a national hero, and has been, but the beliefs that go with his Christianity has led him to doubt the validity of most evidence used to promote the notion of materialistic evolution.

Thus this article brings out the inquisition nature of modern American intellectualism. Here is a quote:

Carson in fact explained that he’s not impressed by the evidence for Darwinian theory. He also commented on why a materialist philosophy is at odds with free will and how that makes it tough to offer a coherent account of moral principles.

The academic bullying that Emory’s faculty has visited on Dr. Carson is not an isolated episode. Scientists who ask tough questions about evolutionary theory are routinely intimidated and silenced by advocates of Darwinian orthodoxy.

Journalists and courts of law have documented a variety of other, far more disturbing cases of bullying for Darwin, at academic institutions including Jet Propulsion Laboratory at CalTech, the University of Kentucky, Iowa State University, the Smithsonian Institution, and elsewhere.

Emory’s spokesman, meanwhile, has struggled to explain how a Darwin-critic could possibly have received such an invitation.”Our leading life scientists would define our views on evolution,” he sniffed, “and the number of signatories on that petition would probably speak to that.” This is a shameful, and shaming, way to welcome a guest.

The onus is on university officials now to defend Dr. Carson’s right to hold a dissenting view, and to promptly reaffirm that Emory is pleased and honored to have him. Discovery Institute is gathering signatures on a petition making exactly that point. Please sign.

Dr. Carson’s unwelcoming welcome sends a message to less renowned and therefore less bullet-proof scholars. If they open their mouth to question Darwin, fellow academics will not only disagree but will hurt them by misrepresenting their opinions.

Imagine the results if he were someone else: a young scientist seeking a strong start to his career, a not so young but still untenured scientist with his livelihood to protect, even a tenured academic worried about his reputation and the future careers of his own grad students.

This is how Darwinists maintain the fiction that the scientific community has reached a freely determined “consensus” in favor of Darwinian evolution and against intelligent design. The consensus is maintained by intimidation, by bullying.

The similarities between the tactics of the man-made global warming club and the evolutionary priesthood have always struck me linked together. Some past thoughts here and here. Will truth triumph? In every heart that embraces it; truth will triumph.

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