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Road Trip

Joan and I took off Thursday morning making our way to New Philadelphia in Ohio to preach for our friend Tom Cunningham. We will also rendezvous with Laura Michelle. We headed southeast for the Kentucky town of Perryville where a … Continue reading

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Pastor Bob Overson Revival

We just finished our revival with Pastor Bob Overson. Pastor Overson was my pastor for two years in the early days of my Christian walk. He performed the marriage ceremony for Joan and I in January of 1984. He is an … Continue reading

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Ben Carson: Dissident

Ben Carson is one of the heroes of our times. His personal biography is portrayed in a book called “Think Big”. I was given a small poster with the words “Think Big” at a low point in my life by … Continue reading

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Pharisee Policeman

I was getting ready to preach a “Blood Covenant” message in Marion when I had to field a series of calls. A new convert was being arrested. The timing for him couldn’t be worse. He was to start a new … Continue reading

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Brightest Full Moon

Today, May 5, the moon comes closest to Earth in its orbit and it happens to be a full moon, so we can see the moon in its brightest. Joan and I took a trip to Chester, where we got … Continue reading

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Anti-bullying, A Trjojan Horse

When I first saw anti-bullying posters around the schools, schools that have zero-tolerance violence policies, I didn’t catch what was going on. Never gave it much thought until Dan Savage showed his colors at a conference sponsored by the National … Continue reading

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