The 11th Hour

Subbing in Murphysboro. I thought I would live blog this environmental film.

It’s about relationship between us and the environment.

The planet is infected, with the lights seen from space indicating the level of infection.

“What I hear in my dreams”

“We are ultimately committing suicide”

“independent experts on the front lines”

The problem – the high level of evolutionary development of our minds

90% of our cells are non-human cells – (conclusion we are a product of the environment)

Homo sapiens are a young species. In a calender year we got here 15 minutes before midnight on Dec 31

We are the third chimpanzee. Unique in making tools and communicating.

“The human mind through us out of balance with nature”

“The human mind invented the idea of a future”

“The illusion that we are separated from nature”

“Our culture is built upon the assumption that we are the leading character in nature”

“We live in a human created environment”

“We have forgotten the ancient truths that keep us plugged into nature”

The industrial revolution converted nature into a resource that we can exploit to grow.

We were limited before that to using the energy supplied by sunlight that could sustain about 500 million to a billion people.

“pockets of ancient sunlight…coal…oil” Using these pockets skyrocketed the population growth.

All of this growth is because of the use this ancient sunlight.

Our entire civilization rests on non renewable resources.

“Oil is the basis by which we sustain our civilization”

“Oil subsidises the life we live.

We borrow to purchase oil about a billion a day.

Asthma, acid rain, global warming and troops in the middle East goes with this dependence

“Global disturbance, global climate change or global warming if you would”

“We have witnessed the highest temperatures in recent history”

News accounts of heat waves throughout the world.

Sen. Imhof “Man made global warming is the greatest hoax in history”

Followed by Stephen Hawking’s sober description of global warming destroying us ending with comparing Earth’s future to Venus’ present state.

We are adding to the makeup of the greenhouse effect. “and the earth is warmer”

We are entering the point of the tipping point where we will lose control of the climate

“Scientists look at evidence” “Is the earth warming absolutely” “is a portion of that due to man-made action  absolutely” There is a consensus of scientists who know this.

hurricanes, arctic ice melt, “first and fastest in the arctic” “at the end of the century the arctic will be ice-free”

impact: droughts, floods and changing of river patterns

“the Un estimates that by the middle of the century there will be 50 million global warming refugees”

Beautiful shots of mother nature

1300 scientists from 71 countries (conclusion we got a big problem)

“causing asthma”

“30% to 60% of school children have asthma”


ocean polution…special mention of mercury

“cancer, chronic sickness, aging” all linked to pollution

“our food is becoming poisoned”

95% of america’s old growth forests gone

This cutting of old growth leads to desertification

“the last time the ocean went stagnate we lost 95% of all species”

Beautiful scenic shots from planes or helicopters.

Fish frolicking

Beautiful sunset

“ecosystems are unraveling”

“Why aren’t we responding” “more importantly what are the forces blocking change”

Ominous music: corporations “will kill off our host”

Problem: “nature has become property that can be owned”

Problem: oil companies

Problem: oil lobbyists in government

“Line their coffers with excess profit”

“Jefferson said we need to remake the constitution according to our needs”

“We need to find a harmony between nature and people the only way to do that is to recognize that nurture has rights too”

“We have a system that is a waste creating system”

“Growth continues to be the focus of many corporations that exploit the environment for gain” “But what about us” “The problem is the way we are thinking” “It is a cultural problem” “THis illness is a cultural problem”

We know corporate logos without knowledge of the animal life around us.

“Consumerism is the leading ideology”

“We are no longer learning from our own experiences” Our knowledge comes from mass media.

“We have lost the beauty of the world” “and we make up for it by trying to own the world”

Stephen Hawking: we are destroying everything

“If we don’t we change we are going to lose one half of all of life” “when the human species becomes extinct life will go on unless we cause too much damage that earth becomes like mars”

“extinction is a natural part of life” 99.99999% of all species have become extinct

“there is potential of a dark age”

“one specie is taking over so much of the resources”

Gorbachev chimes in: the root problem “that man is king”

“We have turned our back on nature’s warning signs”

“What does the future look like?”

Human being are the source of the problem but they can also be the source of th solution.

“this generation gets to completely change this world”

“redesign design itself”

“energy needs to come from renewable resources primarily the sun”

“water needs to be clean”

“we need fairness and justice”

“sustainable design”

“new design is invisible”

“how we make things…is 180 degree different from how nature makes things”

“take the spider”

“this is master chemistry”

“design a building like a tree”

“decoupled from our dependence upon oil”

“these are not technical issues but leadership issues”

“this is all hands on deck time”

“this was our finest hour”

over one million social justice groups    this is the fastest growing social movement on earth.

beautiful picture of each one of us being a single pixel in the beautiful portrait of an ecological correct world

“I don’t think we have a lot of time left”

“energy is the key to everything we do”

“the sun is the most logical substitute”

“wind power can compete with oil and gas on a price level”

“polluter pay system”

“taxes on burning coal”

“tax on fossil fuels”

“taking action on climate change is good for jobs and good for the economy”

“open competition between dirty fuels and clean fuels I am sure will show clean fuels as the winner”

“there are things that people can do in their every day lives” “proper air pressure in tires” “changing out bulbs”

“the political will”

“we can vote”

“we vote everyday we buy something”

“that one life principle”

“what does it take for human kind to change its ways”

girl with tears flowing, beautiful faces of concern

“the more things you have…” “chained to a rhythm”

“frugality does not mean poverty it means the wise use of resources”
“not only it is the 11th hour but it is the 11th hour and 59 seconds”

“it is going to take a broad mobilization of all of society”

“the first choice is that you know you have to do something”

“look into your heart”

“loving the place that you live in”

“our response could save this beautiful blue planet for future generations”

“love is the force that makes us fully human”
“the healing power that comes from …. knowing the condition of the planet”

“if we choose to eradicate ourselves from this earth the earth will regenerate”

“there may not be people”

beautiful scenery






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