Should the Boss be Paid More?

There is one house in Sparta that both Joan and I have always enjoyed looking at as we walk the neighborhoods. It sits below the street level following a drainage ditch that cuts through the wooded back yard. It has a very impressive deck to take in the natural beauty of the setting and the beauty of the house.

Kenneth from church (who built the deck) asked me about doing some pruning for a woman he knew, Anne. I said I would do it if she allowed me to work our young men from the church at the same time. She said yes and that is when he invited me to meet him at that very house mentioned.

I have always enjoyed gardening/landscaping just to enjoy the atmosphere of the different houses. This house was much enhanced by Anne. We worked our buns off the first day with both guys doing well to the end. Anne fed us a wonderful lunch and carried on a great conversation with all of us.

When it came to pay us she was very generous with the two young men but she made a point of quizzing them about whether or not the boss should be paid more. She answered her own question by paying me double right in front of them. I took them out to a buffet that night and we talked about the lesson she tried to teach. They got the message, they both want to be bosses.


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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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