Bored or Lazy?

In Zambia I would come by the church sometimes and ask the guys what they were doing. At first, they would say “nothing” and I would help them find something to do. As time went on they discovered things to do which brought discipline and task orientation into their lives. They all have graduated from doing “nothing” which is quite the thing in a nation like Zambia.

My girls learned from my wife to never say they were bored because she would immediately find something for them to do around the house or with their school work. These are strategies for teaching.

I was able to use one of them today in a kindergarten class that I was substituting in. We had a color, cut out and glue project (always a challenge at this age). One young man let me know he didn’t want to do it. I told him he would have to go to the office (your only leverage). He started the coloring. As I walked the aisles moving the children from one step to the next I came to his completed coloring and let him know it was time to cut out and then glue. He let me know he was bored and didn’t want to do it. I suggested he could clean up the classroom and he said he didn’t want to do that either. I asked him why and he said he would still be bored.

I told him this was work that had to be done. I told him the problem when someone doesn’t want to work is not boredom it is laziness. I asked him if he wanted to be lazy. He said no. I said then do the work. He did and completed the task with a smile on his face. Life’s little victories.

They asked the undertaker why he quit being a preacher. He answered that when he straightens people out now they stay straightened out. So it is with life’s ministry.


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