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Hope for America: Look at Israel

Watching a film series in Sunday School that talks of the roots of America. One falacy that has been repeated over and over is that the framers of the constitution, the founding fathers, were mostly deists. It is true that … Continue reading

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Christians in the Holy Land

Powerline offered a critique of another 60 minute hit piece on Israel. They then pointed to an article by the Israeli ambassador to the US in the Wall Street Journal. What is best for this area of the world? I … Continue reading

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The 11th Hour

Subbing in Murphysboro. I thought I would live blog this environmental film. It’s about relationship between us and the environment. The planet is infected, with the lights seen from space indicating the level of infection. “What I hear in my dreams” … Continue reading

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Should the Boss be Paid More?

There is one house in Sparta that both Joan and I have always enjoyed looking at as we walk the neighborhoods. It sits below the street level following a drainage ditch that cuts through the wooded back yard. It has … Continue reading

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Bored or Lazy?

In Zambia I would come by the church sometimes and ask the guys what they were doing. At first, they would say “nothing” and I would help them find something to do. As time went on they discovered things to … Continue reading

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Our Easter Love Feast

I almost feel guilty writing the title to this post. We watched “James Tembo, Detective” Saturday night at church. Joan said she didn’t remember the sound being so bad, I am still blind to all technical difficulties. For Joan and … Continue reading

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