One Minute Bible Study Update

We have been going out on Saturdays due to the mild winter. We have had some numbers in the 20’s but usually in the teens with several people praying with us. Some days it was just too cold. Today it was in the mid-40’s but the wind made it seem cooler. Harold and I went out and I did one with a couple sitting in the sun on their porch and Harold did one with a couple unloading groceries from a trip to the store. The man turned out to be one of Harold’s neighbors from his childhood home on the farm in Steelville.

Nellie had the first one done in Wal-Mart and Reiko did her first one at school. Joan, Glenda, Steve and myself have done some just while we are out and about. Getting the texts from these folks doing the bible studies during the course of their days lifts my spirits every time.

Between our individual efforts and our group efforts on Saturday we are at about 291 as we continue to allow the word of God to grow in Sparta. Let’s see what God will do with it.

About hansston

Pastor a church in Sparta.
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