Anniversary 28

Friday I worked a half day at Chester teaching 7th and 8th grade math. I can still find the answers at this level, anything beyond that has me looking to the students for help. One day I will try and remedy this. I remember my Dad trying to counsel me to not avoid math in college (which I did) explaining to me that when the light finally came on for him in college it made math one of his better educational experiences. Joan and I had already talked about what we might do, not wanting to spend money seemed to be the consensus. So I came home and said let’s make today our anniversary day.

Joan finished some chores while I downloaded some Geocache locations to her GPS. We grabbed our picnic basket and headed for Waterloo where we bought a picnic meal from a super market. We then moved east towards the Mississippi. We stopped at several old stone bridges in the area around Valmeyer and Maystown.

We stopped at Salt Lick Point where we found a great hiking trail along the bluff overlooking the Mississippi. We did a one minute bible study with a man named Jeff who was walking his dog, a Mastiff. We hiked up to a cemetery overlooking the town of Fultz where we found another Geocache in a wasp deformed tree.

Just a pleasant afternoon and evening. Here are some photos: I think they are at the top.

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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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