Sunday in Wickenburg

We have been going to Wickenburg after conference for quite some time now. This is the town where Joan and I both got saved, married and had our first two children. The ride down from the Denver like altitude of Prescott to the desert floor of Wickenburg has always been a delight (except when Joan first got pregnant). Joan had spent several years working for town hall and I had been the foreman at Squash Blossom Nursery for the 5 years I was in Wickenburg. I still enjoy seeing my old landscape jobs.

Wickenburg has become a quaint little visit for the folks from the valley (Phoenix). The town has done a great job in making itself attractive to the visitor. It was just a small desert town when I wandered in some 29 years ago. It was the home of more millionaires per capita than any other town in America in those days (mostly snowbirds). Now there are whole swaths of good-looking housing developments scattered throughout the desert countryside.

It is quite the privilege to come back and preach to the church that watched me get saved, married and then finance us to go and start a church in Seattle. Church had a little bit of bustle this last Sunday. Attendance was 55, Jim let me know this. Pastor Robinson let me do my New Year’s worksheets for Sunday School. They let the teenagers and the pre-teens come out with the adults as I handed out my various worksheets. This year I used a “Looking back at 2011″, Looking Forward to 2012”, a chart with various aspects of life divided between goals and actions to achieve the goals and a monthly chart to put a time frame to activities in the coming year.

As I hand them out I do my best to encourage folks to write things down. To help everyone along I looked at the first worksheet I had handed to a young man about 12 years old. For 2011 he had written 3 lines: School is good, Church is good and Life is good.

You can’t get much better than that.

I had breakfast with the guys at the Horseshoe Cafe that Monday morning before Joan, Laura Michelle and I left for the airport and our homes. It is always a great visit.


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