Last Conference Notes

Conference finished up with an excellent sermon by Pastor Paul Stephens concerning the pain of a loved one falling away from the faith. He used the story of the prodigal son showing us the selfish dimensions of the backslidden son and the attitude of the father to let him go and yet always be ready for his return. Pastor Mitchell finished the week up with a sermon aimed at those that had been wounded in the battles of faith and life with a special moment for us to seek healing through Christ. We finished with our U.S. announcements of new churches, new evangelists and changes. As a fellowship we prayed for all of our pastors starting new works in the states as well as overseas and then prayed for the Pastor Mitchell and his wife, Nelda, and the staff of the Prescott church. Here are the announcements:


  1. Westside San Antonio, TX:Rene & Angie Rodriguez          Out of: NW San Antonio (Uptain)
  2. Tooele, UT:Anthony & Marcy Chavez                                          Out of: Ogden, UT
  3. Murfreesboro, TN: Sam & Manuela Blackman                      Out of: Glendale, AZ (Marsh)
  4. La Puente, CA:Ezekiel & Katia Iribe                                             Out of: Orange, CA
  5. Taylorsville, UT: Jacob & Becka Montes                                                       Out of: Ogden, UT



  1. Kris & Paula Hart                                                                                     Out of: Prescott, AZ
  2. Robert & Rose Hedegard Out of: Chandler, AZ
  3. Brad & Cindy Campbell                                                                                           Out of: Chandler, AZ
  4. German & Dora Gastelum                                                                  Out of: Tucson, AZ
  5. Gary & Lisa Case                                                                                       Out of: Las Vegas, NM



  1. East Las Vegas, NV: Dan & Jodee Jones                                       Out of: Prescott, AZ
  2. Española, NM: Angel & Hallie Morales                                       Out of: Prescott, AZ
  3. Valparaiso, Chile:Pablo & Claudia Cespedes                        Out of: Mendoza, Argentina
  4. Mendoza, Argentina:Matias & Yesica Perez                         Out of: San Martin, Argentina
  5. San Martin, Argentina:Fabian & Mariana Cordova           Out of: Mendoza, Argentina
  6. West Valley, UT:Juan & Vanessa Ayala                                                       Out of: Clearfield, UT
  7. Clearfield, UT:Eli & Mary Medina                                                  Out of: Ogden, UT
  8. Amarillo, TX:John & Molly Robinson                                           Out of: Gallup, NM
  9. Los Angeles, CA:Larry & Cree Shomo                                          Out of: Las Vegas, NV
  10. Lakewood, CO:Anthony & Virginia Trujillo                              Out of: Las Vegas, NM
  11. Assisting in Ogden, UT: Austin & Tabitha Schmidt

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