International Night

Pastor Tom Payne preached our International night sermon. He used the parable from Luke 19 with the nobleman giving out the talents and asking his servants to “occupy” or “do business” till he returns. He then launched into the current movement that uses the “occupy” phrase. So now he is comparing a lifetime of handouts to the admonition of the nobleman, who represents Christ, to a lifetime of thrift and industry. The occupy movement has been able to voice some demands that they are hoping to see implemented by the governments of the world: $20 an hour whether you work or not, free university, and cancellation of all debts; personal, corporate and national.

 The amount that the nobleman gave each of the servants was not a small amount in that day. It would equal about 4 to 6 thousand today. He was giving them seed money. He was making an investment into their lives and he was expecting a return.

 The parable also has a historical twist to it that the Jews of Jesus day would have all recognized. When Herod died, his kingdom was divided among his sons. Archelaus was to be ruler over Judea encompassing Jerusalem. He had to go to Rome to get Rome’s blessing to be that ruler. While in Rome the Jews, just like in the parable, sent a delegation to Rome saying they did not want Archelaus to be their ruler. He did become ruler and upon his return he had 3000 Pharisees murdered.

 This all led to a discussion of God’s attitude toward capitalism. The servants were rewarded according to their increase. The servant who did not create an increase was called wicked and lazy and suffered for it. Even more unfairly for the “occupy” crowd; that which the lazy one had was given to the one who had the most. There is no condemnation of the nobleman for his wealth. We don’t know if he inherited it or earned it and it doesn’t matter to God. Some people have more than others: “get over it”.

 This led to a dissection of the economic theory of Adam Smith verses the economic theory of Keynes. It became hilarious with serious overtone. Adam Smith talks about people choosing to create products and services to sell or trade with others. It is free market capitalism based upon a person’s desire to prosper and take care of his family needs. Adam Smith in his writings acknowledges God as part of his economic theory. From Proverbs something like “his hunger drives him on”.

 We then looked at Keynesian economic theory or “homosexual economics”. We laugh but since this has been the model of the US and most of the world for the last 70 years we really should be crying. Keynesian economics calls for deficit spending. Yes, Keynes was a homosexual. Knowing this we can link his homosexuality to an economic philosophy that thinks in terms of the now at the expense of the future. It is our present reality. It speaks of an anti-Christ spirit that is gaining traction in the world we live in.

 We then announced our overseas works: Lautoka, Fiji: Chuck & Arlene Hanson Out of: Prescott, AZ

  1. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada: Glen & Madge Rupchan Out of: Prescott, AZ
  2. Inchon, South Korea: Bobby & Trish Montoya Out of: Prescott, AZ/Gallup, NM
  3. Vancouver, B.C. Canada: Jenya & Sheri Lynn Usanov Out of: Prescott, AZ
  4. La Paz, Bolivia: Daniel & Sheryl Din Out of: Prescott, AZ/Las Vegas, NV
  5. Beijing, China: Carlos & Maricela Olivas Out of: Prescott, AZ

We had just had lunch with Carlos and Maricela on Wednesday and they had no idea they were about to embark upon the adventure of adventures as missionaries to China.


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