Conference Friday

Pastor Paul Campo gave us a prophetic sermon from Luke 21:25. He used some examples of American flags being unable to fly in America to illustrate how the nation has changed. We are in times of perplexity, distressed and full of anxiety. This is the climate of the world in the last days. Yes, sun, moon and stars will start showing us things. So much the more since the 1948 establishing of the nation of Israel. In the midst of these times we are suffering from a world-wide leadership failure. “Whenever there is a famine of leadership evil forces will fill the vacuum, that is what the anti-Christ is all about”. Now, we throw this rising tide of anti semitic activity. An anti Semitism that is even drawing Christians into its conspiracy filled webs. So now we live in a nation where soon criticism of Islam will be a crime in America. A medicated America. An America where an Muslim Major kills his fellow soldiers and our government officially calls in workplace violence. “This is not happening because of policy; it is happening because of a devil”. “The more society embraces wickedness it will not be able to discern between right and wrong and be wrapped in a quandary”. We are moving toward the final nail in our coffin when we totally turn against Israel. When Israel is totally alone will be the moment God will dramatically step into current events with a supernatural defense of Israel.

This is how life will be unfolding as Christ returns. We are on the edge of the greatest revival the world has ever seen. God has spoken to our pastor: “My promise is tangible”. “The world is about to have an encounter with the God of this book”.

Pastor Glen Cluck had the perfect match to Pastor Campo’s sermon. He is basically comparing Paul’s ministry with the Holy Ghost to Apollos’ ministry without the Holy Ghost from Acts 18. “God is going to move in dark places”. “Islam is going down”. The fastest growing thing will not be Islam but Holy Ghost revival. He had an acquaintance named Dennis Malcolm who began a ministry in 1972 in Hong Cong who described the moving of the Holy Ghost in China completely under the radar of the Chinese government. Many are paralyzed by fear. Fear is a spirit that can move from person to person. “This is the age of terrorism”. Dangerous times are coming said Paul in Timothy. We are raised in culture of fear. “I was raised in a family of fear. When we were getting ready to go somewhere my grandmother made sure we had clean underwear on just in case we got in an accident”. The devil is a bully and knows how to bully us into a harmless church existence. The signs: streamlined services, more diplomatic, quiet prayer and quiet praise along with the downplaying of personal experiences. There is a problem when an evangelist just preaches pastoral sermons. Apollos reached a few and Paul reached “many”. We want that “many”. Apollos was an eloquent man but incomplete without the Holy Ghost; he was fervent, he was powerful in disputing with the Jews but he needed the Holy Ghost. 1 Cor. 3:5-6 we need to be reminded that we are insufficient within ourselves. “Smith Wigglesworth is well-loved today but it is only because he is dead”. “The dinner bell of the supernatural is what brings fruitfulness”. The multitude “came running” at “the noise” of Acts 2. They asked John Wesley if he was afraid that the Methodist church would ceased to exist…no I am afraid that it will continue to function as a church denying the power of God. Let’s not be that.


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