Wednesday Night

Pastor Greg Mitchell preached from Joshua 14 about Caleb and taking the mountain God had promised to him 45 years earlier. There is a need to risk in order to take the mountain. Wozniak and Jobs started Apple along with a third partner named Ron Lang. He was to be given 10% but got cold feet just before the company went public and was bought out for a couple of thousand dollars.

We choose our future. Some of us will decide this week what we are going to do – function. Some will decide the location where you will function and some will decide the timing of the actions you will be taking during this week of conference because God has a will and a future for us.

In the will of God there are walls and giants. Caleb would have to face these if he were to obtain the promise of God. The problem is we desire ease. Luke 24 “take your ease” Judges 5:17 “safe harbors”. Ease, comfort and security combined with the entitlement mentality takes all of the fight out of us. “We want to get to the place where we do not have to trust God”. “We try to organize life to remove the risk”. Lot chose Sodom; safe and prosperous.

Here is the problem with living a risk free life: 1) it is unsatisfying 2) it is spiritually dangerous…biggest reason for increase in allergies is because children are not allowed to get dirty anymore 3) you miss God…David was spying out Bathsheba when it was the time that kings went out to war 4) safe players do not inspire anyone…Jonathon to his armor bearer: let’s go see what God will do.

We need a heart that conquers. We need to take risks (especially if you are a man). Caleb said: “Give me this mountain”…he would have to fight going uphill. The years have not changed his desire to do the will of God. Col 4:17 “take heed” to complete your ministry.

Your decisions affect the future. At Kadesh Barnea an entire generation chose ease and comfort over taking a risk to conquer the land that God had promised them. Caleb had seen the fruitfulness of the land, and he now desired it just as he had when he had first seen it. His willingness to risk inspires his daughter. The city he took is Hebron. Daniel calls us “stars shining forever”.

He concluded with a story about a father and son Nate and Steven Saint. Nate had died a missionary’s death in the jungles of Ecuador. Steven was in Northern Africa when car problems forced him to seek shelter at a small church because of the threatening attitudes of the tribal Muslims. Here Steven saw the reach of his father’s life. The faithful pastor, not knowing who Steven was, referred to the life of Nate Saint and what an inspiration he was to him. Steven was able to eventually go back to Ecuador and carry on the work that his father started.


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