Still Wednesday

Pastor Richard Ruby preached using Moses as well as a modern illustration with Harry Truman as a late bloomer. President Truman chased the same girl for 25 years until she married him, never owned a home and never went to college. As the political compromise vice president he hardly spoke with Roosevelt, yet on the day Roosevelt died he came into his own. We are similar to Moses in that many of us have walked away the rewards of the world to pursue the will of God, yet we have not seen what we thought we would see. He recalled being birthed in the Tuscon revival and one particular service where a challenge was issued to answer the call to preach and every man in the congregation went forward.

He divides this group of men into three groups: 1) preachers 2) called, but to something else 3) side tracked and now on the back side of the desert just as Moses was. Why? 1) sin disqualifies 2) we set arbitrary goals that are not met…”Moses supposed”…”we told ourselves” 3) bad choices, jobs, girlfriends, shifts and friends 4) decisions made by others…Joshua and Caleb had to wonder in the desert for 40 years because of the decisions of others…leadership failure…church failure.

The desert experience is dangerous because we so easily adapt to the situations we find ourselves in. 1) we lose confidence…Moses said “who am I”…after his desert experience he wasn’t sure of his calling anymore. 2) affects family, as you wobble your family isn’t sure how to respond…when Moses wants to do the will of God, Zipporah is not with him. 3) carnality sets in with no vision, standards or disciplines to hold back the flood of the world.

Don’t judge yourself too soon, because God will get involved. 1) you are still called 2) there is still a need…in Moses’ case the children of Israel still needed deliverance 3) lessons were learned on the backside of the desert.


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