Conference Tuesday

Pastor Nigel Brown from England started our sermons off today with some “help for the discouraged worker”. He used a phrase from First Timothy: “nourished in words of faith”. The refreshing we really need is a touch from God. The question in the sermon that had impact on many including myself was: How long has it been since you received that refreshing word from God?

Pastor Scott Lamb followed with a scriptural stroll through Paul’s writings in the order they were written looking at the admonitions on the importance of unity. Christianity is not designed to be lived alone. It is about relationship and as sense of sacrificial love. “They will know you are my disciples by your love for one another”. Sin destroys relationships and isolates us. He looked at the beginnings of the church to show a church birthed in a real sense and need of unity. The clincher was in his text of Eph 4: 1-6. “One spirit”, “one Lord”, and “one God and Father of all” becomes an example of the unity of God and the basis for the need for unity in the body of Christ.

Pastor Kevin Foley took aim at the proper way to work your way through pastoral transitions. He used the first chapter of second Samuel to make his points as well as the modern mistake that President Obama makes by blaming and criticizing President Bush. Our text describes the lying Amalekite (a picture of the flesh) trying to curry favor with David by taking shots at his predecessor, King Saul. David doesn’t take the bait but instead launches into a song describing the positives of a King Saul with many foibles personally known by David but left unsaid. This is a sign of real leadership that people can follow.

That ended our morning sermons and we came back that evening to have church. Pastor Joe Campbell preached a message stressing unity. He used the example of the British moving the capitol of India from Calcutta to Delhi because Calcutta was a united stronghold of opposition to British colonial rule and Delhi was a conglomeration of many dialects and peoples. They recognized the power of a united Calcutta verses the weakness of a fractured Delhi. Using Samson and Delila’s desire to know the secret of his strength he shared with us the known secrets of our success. We are a small fellowship that has touched the world. We do this through evangelism, discipleship and church planting. Nothing new here, but there is a tangible something that can be sensed by an outsider. What makes us tick? The answer in the sermon was 1) we speak the same message 2) structure with valid headship and 3) we have a mission. We have a mission that called for many of us to make decisions and discipline our lives in a way that enables us to complete that mission.

It has been a great Tuesday. Morning prayer at 8 next sermon at 9. Can’t wait to pray and hear from God.





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