Pastor Mitchell

Pastor Mitchell preached a beautiful sermon from Gen. 50 with Joseph’s words of “God will surely visit you”. He used a quote from an old-time radio preacher by the name of Ward, to give us a proper perspective: “This to shall pass”. Recognizing that we are pilgrims in this world helps us to realize that where we are right now is not the sum total of where God wants us to be. Joseph recognizes this when he asks for his bones to be taken back to the land promised to his fathers when the Israelites eventually return.

That return would take place when they cried out to God. The way we need to cry out to God. The way we need to hunger for God. As the psalmist says in Ps 106 “Oh visit me”. With many examples he reminds us that “crying out to God” is the purpose of this conference. The need to open up our hearts and allow the gentleness of the Spirit to infiltrate our lives.

Finally he talks of the need to make the claim for what God has for us. There is a need to surrender to what God has for us. The claim is one of destiny. The faith is a faith that believes that God has purpose for every life in His kingdom. The spiritual rule: “you will find Me when you search for Me with all of your heart”. Let’s make the altar a place where God can touch us.

After a long day of travel what a refreshing touch from God.


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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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