American Identity Quote

Spengler (David Goldman) wrote an interesting article in which he doesn’t allow Ron Paul to blame all of our troubles on some kind of conspiracy. Just like everything else in life somebody has to take responsibility and that someone when it comes to the nation is all of us. Within the article I liked this quote:

More disturbing, I think, is the extent to which America has suffered not a failure of the elites, but a failure of the people. Do we measure up to the founders of this country? The fact that Americans fought a revolution against Britain in the first place continues to astonish me. When in all of history have prosperous men with property — farms and businesses — risked their lives and fortunes to establish a better political order? Only a spiritual grandeur of a depth we barely can imagine today can explain it. When in all of history has a country gone to war and sacrificed  5% of its total population to suppress slavery? The evangelical zeal that sent the North to war, singing of the grapes of wrath in the apocalyptic vision of Isaiah 63, surpasses our understanding today.

He has more to say pointing out the coming demographic nightmare of too few young people supporting to many of us older people in our old age; but doesn’t touch abortion in this article. Worth the read.


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