Magna Cum Laude

Joan graduated on Saturday Dec. 17th with her teacher’s certificate Magna Cum Laude from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. This has been a long and rewarding journey for her. As our children entered school age in Seattle we were drawn to the homeschooling community. With Laura Michelle being five years old Joan became President of our local homeshcooling group. I was landscaping and pastoring our church in Seattle. Our outreaches had brought us into constant contact with the needles and beatings of our area of Seattle. It was partly an urge to protect our children.

One thing led to another, and we ended up signing up Laura Michelle for public school late, putting her on a bus to the south (black) side of town. We all loved it. We had great teachers and students, Joan volunteered and I made several presentations to our children’s classes. I had one misadventure over sexual politics, but all and all it was a great experience. We eventually bought a house in Greenwood and our children attended the local school after we moved. Joan would eventually find herself volunteering in three different schools. The schools found themselves trying to take advantage of her tutoring skills and she was always welcomed.

We then moved to Zambia where Joan entered homeschool heaven. She had Laura Michelle for 4 years of high school before we dropped her off in the states for college at Saint Mary’s in Maryland, Brooke for 6 years before dropping her off for college in Reno, University of Nevada and finally Audra for 7 years and then a senior year at Prescott Valley High School and college.

In Zambia I did most of the running around. I only shopped American style (pushing a large cart full of groceries) once. I would go to the church and pray, talk with anyone who was around, run errands and then stop by Shoprite to purchase a loaf of bread fresh out of the oven. All of the vendores were there clamoring for the loaves but individual customers had precedence. I would come home and the girls would take their tea break.

Our last year in Mazabuak Joan and I started teaching in a small school we started at the church. Joan taught English grammar and I taught composition. It was a wonderful experience. We talked of a future of possibly going to a Muslim nation to preach under the umbrella of establishing a school.

We returned to America where I evangelized for two years while Joan took education classes at Yavapai College. She would end up getting an A in every class she would take from this point on (a b or two when she was 18 kept her from Summa Cum Laude). In Sparta she has continued this pursuit. She usually attended classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but this last year has been a bit more of a strain with daily classes and then student teaching. But, she carried herself beautifully and finished the course.

The future, we will substitute together and wait to see what God has for us as we are quite content to be in the will of God here in Sparta.

We were given a time share by Anne, a friend of the family, right in the French Quarter of New Orleans

as a graduation gift. We spent 5 days there having a wonderful time with Laura Michelle and Audra who will be having Christmas with us before returning home to Rochester and Las Vegas.


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