Now I Remember

I had a great experience yesterday. Billy had to go back to work to open up his tool box for another guy. The girls wanted to take time to visit another girl from church who had just had their baby at the hospital. I was holding the baby, and said I could handle her for their short trip.

They left and Julia started fussing. When Laura Michelle, our first-born, was a baby I would fly her around our small two bedroom house. It was time of prayer and singing in tongues as we would explore every inch of the house together waiting for Mom to return. We seemed to manage through those times without Joan with this technique. So I tried this out on Julia. She stopped fussing and began to take in the sights and the sense of movement as I flew her around the two bedroom apartment. She even fell asleep in my arms. The girls took about 40 minutes to get back and Billy beat them home and took the picture below. It was nice to hand off a sleeping baby.

While Julia and I were flying around the apartment I got a call. My phone announced that Laura Michelle was calling, how appropriate.



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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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3 Responses to Now I Remember

  1. Dear Mr. Hansston,

    where do you live and which denomination do you belong to?

    Do you know other Christians in Germany?

  2. hansston says:

    I pastor a Potter’s House church. We met a German girl, Louise, who became a Christian while in Arizona. She and her husband, Ranier, came and visited us with their children when we pastored in Seattle. We then visited them in Frieburg with our 3 girls. I know the pastor and his wife from our fellowship in Frankfort, but other wise that is all of the German Christians that we know.

    • Louise Bliefert says:

      Hello Kevin and Joan,

      I looked for you in the internet and even found my name here :)))
      Can you send me your current e-mail adress?
      We live in Switzerland now and would be exited to get in contact with you again.


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