10 Essentials for the Perfect Road Trip

I followed this link from Instapundit and realized how differently I think about the meaning of a road trip. They listed radar detection, public service radio, CB radio, navigation system, map lights, smartphone dock, EZ pass, cigarette lighter splitter, tire gauge and properly aligned steering.

I am still attracted to the very phrase “road trip”. Any chance to have one or create one has always been a yes for me. So my 10 essentials:

1) A car in good working order. You cannot enjoy the trip if your mind is constantly wondering about the ability of your car to make the trip.

2) Good company. A road trip works when you are alone, but being able to share it with a friend or loved one is so much better.

3) On board snacks, must include the exotic things you really like, but normally don’t buy.

4) A destination and more time than it takes to get there.

5) Sleeping bags and tent. Always ready to make camp.

6) Navigator for finding Starbucks in the cities and regular maps for taking the cool, but longer, routes.

7) On board entertainment. Music, audio books.

8) An inquisitive spirit that is equally shared by the entire party.

9) Camera and binoculars.

10) An attitude that is “anxious for nothing”.




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