Garden of the Gods

Had a great time backpacking out and setting up camp in Garden of the Gods. It is a wilderness area so you have to find and create your campsite and then when you leave make it appear that you were never there as much as possible.

One view is from our campsite to the rock formation that is attracts people to the Garden of the Gods and the other is from that rock formation looking back at the rocks where we camped.

It is beautiful country.

Steve was able to show us where a doe and her baby had laid down for a while close to our camp. He went hunting that morning without a platform. The rocks we were on stretch for about 300 yards, narrowing down with a smaller rock ridge opposite it. It then opens up to an area where several ravines join together. It was just above that spot that Steve stationed himself, a nice doe came across the spot above him rather than below him, but we still ate good.


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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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