Advance Against Malaria

It is not the complete package, and it seems that it is a drug wrapped up in mosquito nets, but this article brings hope to a world battling malaria. Congrats to the Gates for their involvement. I use Bing over Google just because of this.

The first time Malaria attacked me I was not prepared. Sunday morning at church in Mazabuka I could feel a little something. We had only been in Zambia for 3 months and Brooke (our fearful one) had already had a bout with Malaria. I didn’t see how you could prevent it, our house and church were loaded with mosquitoes. I didn’t know it at the time, but the reason the mosquitoes were so bad that year, Jan. 2000, was that the sugar company had just changed hands from an English company to a South African company and they were not doing the extra spraying that they would normally do. I never saw the mosquitos that bad in the 7 years we were there.

I barely made it through the afternoon service and then I had a night from hell. Every ounce of moisture was removed from my body through diarrhea, vomiting and sweating. My head throbbed and it was all I could do to make the 10 foot journey to the john. Once the moisture is gone no need to go to the john, but now I can hardly even move. This goes on for two days with fits of dark dreams and aching joints. A nurse from church came over and insisted that I take some medicine. She then instructed us on how to stay one step ahead of the disease. The medicine slowly did its work, killing the parasites.

The idea is that when you first feel a certain kind of head ache or back ache you should go and have your finger pricked, the blood examined for a parasite count and then take some medicine. The medicine constantly changes due to the parasites evolving (believe it or not they use these parasites as evidence of evolution). After many finger pricks, I got to where I could just tell and skipped the prick and went right to the medicine.

A dose of the medicine costs about one dollar. Yet countless people are taken down by the disease. I eventually found an Indian pharmacist, recommended by Dr. Okello, who sold me bottles of the drugs at rock bottom prices. I always had the medicines available at church and each of our 3 baby churches always had medicine to distribute.

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