One Minute Update

We had a great time Saturday night. We had two cars go out and after an hour we had done 25 bible studies with different people out and about. The week before we had only done 8 (rain and post rally fatigue) and I only managed one during the week. The last two weeks I have substituted 4 days in each of the two weeks. Earlier on I had quizzed the church during Sunday school on their non embrace of this form of outreach as a lifestyle. Fear is always an issue accompanied by the fear of rejection, but for the working people it is just plain want to go home after work and if they have errands to attend to after work they want to get them over with and get home; with no desire to extend this time away from home with a one minute bible study. You might say “Well it is just a minute”. I found myself in that working rhythm and felt the same way, I would be driving home and see someone walking and think I could stop real quick and do a bible study or just go home. Both weeks I chose to go home and only did the extra one on the Friday I wasn’t substituting. We need to pray that work doesn’t completely drain us. Energy after work, easier when we were younger.

So our running total is about 145. We had our drawing on the night of our baptism and pot luck. Billy Carl won, he used to go to church many years ago. Our next drawing will be Oct. 29th when we have our Chili Cook Off and show our horror film.

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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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