Teacher’s Quote

Came across this great quote here. Here is the quote from a book review:

“The really hard part about teaching is the thinking. Because if you want to help people as an educator, you have to know what people are for, why they exist, what it would mean for them to be fulfilled, and what Good their existence is ordered toward. Suddenly, you are up to your chin in the most important philosophical questions that can ever be asked.”

~ Fred Sanders, review of “Education for Human Flourishing

Easily applied in church, if fact has to be, missing in school except for those who silently try to understand it for the sake of their students. How many teachers still look out at their classrooms and feel this yet alone try to think it through?

Teaching as well as being a pastor calls into play the issue of the hireling as described by Jesus in John 10:12-13.

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Pastor a church in Sparta.
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